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Water Resource Center

The goal of our Water Resource Center is to provide useful information to our current and future customers. From frequently asked questions to common water problems and treatment, we strive to educate you on all water topics. This knowledge is helpful for understanding the water inside your home or business in order to find the solution to perfect it. If you already rent or own equipment, we hope to help you understand how it works and recognize how and when it may need service or maintenance. If you can’t find the answer to your problem here, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop in our office!

Diagnose Your Water

We have distinct water problems in Central Illinois, such as hardness, iron, TDS, sulfur, and many more. Being aware of these common problems and the signs and symptoms that go along with them is the first step to purifying the water in your home or business and enriching your life.


Helpful Technical Tips

If you have invested in or are considering investing in water treatment, it is important to know some helpful tips and tricks to avoid problems. Some common issues are easily resolvable without a service technician's help if you are educated. We are always only a phone call or in-person visit away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're wondering what soft water is, what is in your home or business's water, why your unit is acting up, or any other question, we are here to help. Visit our frequently asked questions page, and we may be able to answer it for you! Can't find your answer, give us a call or stop in today!