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Commercial Solutions

Water Softeners

Hard water can be hard on business. Our systems save your company money by resolving issues hard water creates. You will not only enjoy energy savings, less plumbing repairs and general maintenance, but you will extend the life of your appliances and fixtures as well as use less chemicals, detergents, and coffee.


Reverse Osmosis and Filtration Systems

Many businesses can benefit from using purified water. A commercial reverse osmosis system can reduce dissolved solids by up to 99%, leaving nearly pure water for your commercial application. Quality Water Solutions can custom design a commercial reverse osmosis system to fit your business needs.


Deionization Systems

If your enterprise requires ultrapure water, we can help. Our deionization systems will provide water in its purest state. These systems can be utilized as stand-alone, fully automatic systems, or as polishing tanks after a reverse osmosis system. Quality Water Solutions can custom design a deionization system to fit your needs.


Water Coolers

In commercial applications, bottled water can be expensive and problematic. Excessive costs for delivery, inconvenience storage of bottles, and the cumbersome task of changing bottles are all good reasons to invest in a point-of-use ``bottle-less`` cooler for your business. These systems are dramatically less expensive than bottled water, occupy much less space, and provide the same quality with no jugs to store. Best of all, no one has to worry about changing the bottle, because there is NO bottle.


Specialty Systems

The types of contaminants we deal with are wide and varied. If you have a specific water quality problem that requires a specialty treatment system, we can help. Whatever the contaminant, we can custom design a system to remove it. Our specialty solutions include iron removal systems, arsenic removal systems, ultraviolet light systems, gas and odor removal systems, and nitrate removal systems. Contact us for a free consultation and we will design a system for you.


Service and Supplies

The product you buy is only as good as the service behind it. We have built our business on exceptional customer service. Our factory trained service and installation technicians are prompt and courteous. If you have a problem, they will fix it right, the first time. Our highly trained and knowledgeable field techs carry a complete line of repair parts and strive to provide service within 48 hours of the initial call because we understand how important your water is to you.


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